Integrity in the Legal, Educational and Private Environment. L’intégrité dans le secteur juridique, éducatif et privé. Integrität im rechtlichen, akademischen und privaten Umfeld | Rodica Aida Popa (coord.)

Editorul: “The culture of integrity encompasses a global approach of all educational and cultural aspects in broad areas of humanities that foster trust through high professional and practiced skills, with standards of independence and accountability. This volume aims to present a variety of approaches on judges’ integrity, their incompatibility in prosecuting criminal cases, in order to see the way presumption of impartiality works through its verification, by abstention or challenge to disqualify, deontological values of the legal profession through the Deontological Code of the Romanian Lawyers, aspects of causation of corruption offences and their investigation, the nature of corruption offences committed in the Romanian education system and ways of sanction, integrity in the field of Romanian legal publishing, training young people for the banking sector, compliance advisors in the private sector, as well as its integrated mechanism of compliance risk assessment in the area of corporate law supplemented by the jurisprudence of the High Court of Cassation and Justice.”

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