Frusta et fragmina. Essays on european law | Codrin Codrea

Editorul: “Lucrarea conține o suma de eseuri de filosofie a dreptului in jurul unor concepte din dreptul european ințeles ca produs cultural.

“Essential reading for scholars within the disciplines of law, political science, philosophy, anthropology and the classics. Codrea provides the reader with a compelling and deeply thought provoking philosophical exploration of the development of the European legal tradition. Through a series of distinct yet highly cohesive thematic essays, Codrea invites the reader to ponder the nature and essence of key philosophical concepts which have hallmarked the study and informed the practice of law throughout the centuries. Throughout his essays, Codrea perfectly illustrates the ways in which these key concepts have transitioned in meaning and understanding and how such transitions have fundamentally altered (and even civilised) the character of law within the European context.” Anthony Costello, Lecturer of EU integration and Governance, University College Cork.”