The Impact of the ECHR on Democratic Change in Central and Eastern Europe. Judicial Perspectives | Iulia Motoc, Ineta Ziemele (editors)

9781107135024Editors: Iulia Motoc, European Court of Human Rights & Uni of Bucharest Ineta Ziemele, Constitutional Court of Latvia & Riga School of Law

Description: ”High hopes were placed in the ability of the European Convention and the Court of Human Rights to help realise fundamental freedoms and civil and political rights in the post-communist countries. This book explores the effects of the Strasbourg human rights system on the domestic law, politics and reality of the new member States. With contributions by past and present judges of the European Court of Human Rights and assorted constitutional courts, this book provides an insider view of the relationship between Central and Eastern European states and the ECHR, and examines the fundamental role played by the ECHR in the process of democratisation, particularly the areas of the right to liberty, the right to propriety, freedom of expression, and minorities’ rights.”

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