Disinformation Crossing Borders. The Multilayered Disinformation Concerning the War in Ukraine | Mihaela Daciana Natea

Details: “Some 400 years ago, in an era where reaching information was a struggle, Francis Bacon acknowledged that information is power. The quote holds a great truth : the access to information can help people to take better informed decisions. The problem we are facing today is choosing the right information, the relevant one and the truthful one. In security studies Hybrid War is not just a concept, it is a reality. The pandemic has shown that disinformation can play a major role in political decisions. These aspects are even more complicated if we look at the war in Ukraine. Layers upon layers of news, images, social media posts present a rather puzzling palimpsest, and all these contradicting images have an impact over the general perception of the televised war. The present volume gathers studies concerning the cross-border effects of disinformation, capturing the transnational effects and narratives concerning the war in Ukraine, but also a multidisciplinary view over the phenomenon.”